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What is "technology in the classroom" that so many job applications ask for?

I am applying for academic mathematics positions, and I noticed that a few job applications ask for experience using technology in the classroom. What use of "technology" in the classroom are these hiring committees looking for in an applicant? The only things I can think of for mathematics is the ....

Hannah Hannah: 1 hour ago


How to avoid disrupting the narrative in a scientific paper when you have done too much work

I have been working on a project for almost a year now. This project involves the implementation of a computational method to calculate material properties and the application to different material systems. I have also done original modifications to the method during the course of the implementation. At the moment ....

Violet Violet: 2 hours ago


How familiar should I be with research topics of a potential PhD supervisor?

I'm about to finish my master's degree in physics (theoretical physics). I'm applying for several professors in Europe. I want to do my PhD in another field than my master's thesis, but both fields are theoretical and to some extend related. But, I didn't take some relevant courses on this ....

Layla Layla: 3 hours ago


How to transition from theoretical mathematics to theoretical computer science

Background: I started my undergraduate career in computer science and transitioned to mathematics leaving computer science as a minor. I have just recently completed my Bachelors in Mathematics with a research project in Galois theory, algebraic geometry, and additive number theory. For the next academic year, I am pursuing a ....

Carter Carter: 8 hours ago


How to handle lecturer who doesn't let me use my phone?

Inspired by another question where a user asks how to handle students with a phone, my question is from the opposite perspective: what is the correct response when a lecturer asks one to put away the phone? This actually recently happened to me (a few months ago), and for obvious ....

Aaron Aaron: 8 hours ago


Is having a master's thesis important for US PhD applications in linguistics?

I'm a recent BA graduate. In my field (linguistics), it seems like most successful applicants to PhD programs at top schools have Master's theses, and writing samples in the field are probably the most important part of the application. My writing sample will probably be only 20 pages long at ....

Jaxson Jaxson: 11 hours ago


Is it ethical to approach a professor asking for a (unadvertised) postdoc position?

Some postdoc positions are formally advertised. Arguably, even more exist on a "gray market" - they are not advertised, and a person seeking a postdoc is supposed to contact a professor directly. One ethical concern that I see here is that in some situations even when the agreement between the ....

Jayden Jayden: 11 hours ago


How can a student avoid paying hefty sums for conferences?

As a student, you would like to stay in touch with and participate in conferences, present papers and get the proceedings published. However, as I have come to notice, such conferences ask for hefty sums as fees for this. How to deal with this? And what about the online conferences? ....

Camila Camila: 13 hours ago


Acknowledgements section of the paper

Conference papers are now double-blind. So when was the acknowledgment part written? If I write an acknowledgment when submitting the paper, isn't it easy to leak information? Is the acknowledgment written after the paper is accepted? Thanks ....

Emily Emily: 13 hours ago


Stress and anxiety related to competition

Regarding stress in mathematical research, I saw posts like Is Mathematical Research Stressful? ( But it seems that most answers there don't stress what I mainly feel, that much of my stress (even as tenure track professor at a relatively good place) is related not to some absolute evaluation of ....

Lincoln Lincoln: 14 hours ago