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Are these principles worth being validated?

Odunayo's principle of inhalation states that provided a given amount of water is ingested, inhalation through the nostrils will be excluded due to the presence of oxygen in the water. From the above theory, I was drinking water and it suddenly hits me that when drinking water, it'll be impossible ....

Aubrey Aubrey: 1 hour ago


Are there examples of animals being sexually attracted to another species more than to their own?

I just thought that from the perspective of a female domestic cat, a male bobcat probably looks like the archetype of a perfect mate. As tall, strong, muscular and mighty as it possibly gets. Clearly preferable to any of these boring male domestics. Has anyone ever done any research on ....

Thomas Thomas: 4 hours ago


What is the reason behind that sometimes when I see new thing I feel that I have already seen them?

I have googled it and I found that it is, because of good memory, but how it can be due to good memory as it didn't happen before. It happened to me many times, that I feel that the scene which is happening now, has already happened to me in ....

Isla Isla: 7 hours ago


What subspecies of Iberian Ibex and what subspecies Golden Eagle are in this video?

In the nature documentary El Hombre y la Tierra, there is a scene featuring golden eagles and apparently some kind of Iberian ibex. The scene should be in some part of Iberia. This is the video which features the animals and location: Goats: Eagle and Goats: 1: 2: ....

Kingston Kingston: 10 hours ago


Coordinates of amino acids in a protein sequence

In PDB format, the coordinates of each of the atoms are available. Are the coordinates for the amino acids available separately? As in say a protein sequence consisting of a chain of amino acids MKL... Where would I get the coordinates of M and K and L separately? Is there ....

Cooper Cooper: 10 hours ago


Does Alzheimer affect more than day-to-day memory?

I know that Alzheimer's damages a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which has a central role in day-to-day memory. But, could it affect also on things in other memory centers, things such as taste and moves? ....

Olivia Olivia: 11 hours ago


Do neurons secrete multiple neurotransmitters, or just one type?

I know that neurons communicate between each other by filling the junction between dendrites with neurotransmitters. What interests me is if a single neuron only works with one type of neurotransmitter(ex: serotonin), or if it can secrete/receive all of them (serotonin, dopamine, etc). If a neuron can secrete all, then ....

Stella Stella: 12 hours ago


Crossing white eyed Drosophila with sepia eye

So, I'm doing some drosophila experiments with my high schoolers and I had really poor production of wild type individuals for doing the experiment resulting in not enough to cross with everyone... I am trying the following crosses and hoping the kids can still learn from it, but wanted input ....

Hazel Hazel: 12 hours ago


Regarding TIMP and MMP enzymes

Are there substances that can promote TIMP enzyme production, or MMP enzyme production or supression in tendons? Are there medical tests that measure quantities of MMP and TIMP enzymes in tendons? ....

Gianna Gianna: 19 hours ago


Regarding the role of enzymes

Textbooks commonly state that the role of enzymes is to speed up a chemical rxn by lowering its activation energy. However, I'm unsure what enzymes like helicase, DNA/RNA polymerase, and restriction enzymes have to do with lowering the activation energy. Isn't helicase's primary role, for instance, to unwind double-stranded DNA? ....

Eliana Eliana: 21 hours ago