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Product of primary amine and acid anhydride

How does an acid anhydride react with a primary amine? I thought it'll be some sort of condensation reaction, so I made the product by removing a water molecule and got a cyclic product. However, the product given is an open chain molecule (major). How does the reaction occur? How ....

Carter Carter: 1 hour ago


Detection of oxygen by Lassaigne test

I have read that compound with nitrogen and carbon atoms gives Prussian blue color when sodium extract of the compound is added with $\ce{FeSO4}$ . Will the test work even if the compound has oxygen atoms? ....

Ryan Ryan: 1 hour ago


How can I emulsify Beeswax with Aloe Vera Gel?

I was looking thru ingredients for non-silicone based makeup primers and two ingredients always seem to be used: aloe vera gel and some type of wax, like jojoba wax, plus some type of oil to thin out the consistency like sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil. I thought it'd ....

Layla Layla: 1 hour ago


Acid catalyzed bromine substitution in an alcoholic ester. What is the major product and why?

This was in a paper I gave. I want to know the mechanism by which both of these products will be formed and why is the 1st one the major product. My thinking is that the -OH group will be converted into a good leaving group by protonating it and ....

Elias Elias: 2 hours ago


Unit conversion of Molar Conductivity

I know this might be a silly question but I am confused with different answers of internet. My question is: Molar conductivity is given as: Molar conductivity = $\frac{\kappa}{M}$. S.I. unit of : $\kappa$ is $\pu{Sm}^{-1}$ & $M$ is in $\mathrm{mol \, m^{-3}}$. Thus, Molar conductivity in S.I. is $\mathrm{S ....

Carson Carson: 2 hours ago


Standard litres to kg conversion for Hydrogen

When looking at hydrogen fuel tanks, they often give the capacity in terms of "standard litres". However, I can't find a definition of what this is. I assumed this may mean a litre of hydrogen gas at room temperature? If so, is this at standard air pressure or is it ....

Ariana Ariana: 5 hours ago


What is reduced and oxidized when potassium bromate reacts to oxygen and postassium bromide?

I'm trying to help lead my daughter to a solution and my high school chemistry is almost 30 years ago. For the following reaction, indicate the species being oxidezed and reduced and show the oxidation numbers above these symbols. Lastly, indicate the number of electrons that have been lost or ....

Mason Mason: 7 hours ago


Data repository of organic compounds

Does there exist any data repository of chemical compound that gives the structure of the compounds with the help of coordinate geometry. It would be like each atom has a coordinate and the list of bonds it has with other atoms so that the 3D structure of the compound can ....

Charlie Charlie: 11 hours ago


Bubble formation when aluminium reacts with copper(II) sulfate solution

I recently did an experiment putting pieces of $\ce{Al}$ and $\ce{Fe}$ into copper(II) sulfate solution and I noticed when the piece of aluminium was reacting, tiny bubbles were coming out whereas with the piece of iron this didn't happen. I think it was part of the bare aluminium that was ....

Aria Aria: 15 hours ago


Make Acetic Acid from wood

I would like to know if it would be possible to make Acetic Acid from Wood. I know that you can charcoal wood to get the gases, cool it, and get the liquid. This would yield a bunch of chemicals in a mixture. I also know that you can steam ....

Gianna Gianna: 16 hours ago