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Heating and cooling a non-magnetic iron ore causes it to become magnetic?

I'm a potter. I find what I think are iron concretions in a deep red local clay. I fired these iron concretions to cone 6 (about 2100F) and when I removed it from the kiln (room temp) they were then magnetic. I tested for magnetism before and after firing just ....

Luke Luke: 2 hours ago

Earth Science

Will a new glacial age take place on Earth or Holocene will become a new climatic epoch?

Pleistocene ( shows a switch between glacial ( and interglacial ( ages. However, humanity is burning fossil fuels and increasing atmosphere's $\ce{CO2}$ content. Should we expect a new glacial age after this interglacial or humans will avoid it and Holocene ( will become a new climatic epoch? ....

Mila Mila: 5 hours ago

Earth Science

Can ionospheric plasma disturbances effect the weather?

I've read about how ionospheric discharges like jets can be initiated/triggered by lightning, and how lightning can propagate upwards from clouds. What I was wondering is if this can happen in reverse. In other words, can ionospheric plasma disturbances/discharges effect/trigger troposphere to ground lightning? ....

William William: 8 hours ago

Earth Science

What might be causing this rainbow-like effect on the ground?

The BBC News article Iceland's Okjokull glacier commemorated with plaque ( about a dead glacier speaks for itself. However there is a photo in the article that caught my eye. It shows mountains in the background and some dry flatland in the foreground. While the foreground is sunlit, some areas ....

Landon Landon: 18 hours ago

Earth Science

What geophysical instruments should I use to detect water without drilling?

How can one detect (preferably artesian) aquifers nowadays that a lot of sensors are available? Should I use ground-penetrating radars, neutron detectors, or any other advanced devices? Can seismic imaging be used to characterize the extent of the aquifers? ....

Luna Luna: yesterday

Earth Science

What kind of mine pit in northeastern Minnesota could make residue that turns water turn bright red?

Reading about turbidity, I came across this web page ( with the frightening image shown below. Text immediately before reads: Reasons for Natural Variation Algal turbidity varies seasonally and with depth in a complex manner as discussed previously in response to physical, chemical and biological changes in the lake. Inorganic ....

Harper Harper: yesterday

Earth Science

Can earthquakes contribute to Antarctic ice loss?

I read about the earthquake that took place in Japan in 2011, led to some small calving events in Antarctica (link ( So, it makes me think if there is a big earthquake near or in Antarctica, can it lead to big calving events, like loosing a whole floating ice ....

Quinn Quinn: 2 days ago

Earth Science

Can small-scale backyard gardening produce more food per acre than broadscale [grain] farming?

Mark Shepard in his book "Restoration Agriculture" proclaims small-scale backyard gardening which has shown in study after study to produce more food per acre than broadscale grain farming. Unfortunately, he doesn't cite any studies or goes into more detail. Is the main point here that grain farming is particularly low ....

Nolan Nolan: 3 days ago

Earth Science

Can a Humidity Differential move PM2.5 Pollution?

Observations There is a higher level of PM2.5 pollution outside of the house. Readings are in the 80-150 range due to wildfires. (PM2.5 levels determined by sensors in's sensor network) Using a handheld air monitor that can measure PM2.5 readings were taken indoors. Most rooms in the house are ....

Autumn Autumn: 3 days ago

Earth Science

Precipitation Totals past days online?

I am looking for a website that can I look for to check and see the precipitation totals for past days.. I go to this site : . It lacks in some areas where I live in the rural areas... Are there sites that can I find that are ....

Brooklyn Brooklyn: 4 days ago