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expression containing radicals of imaginary numbers

I can't bear an expression containing radicals of imaginary numbers, in case it can be expressed as in terms of radicals of real numbers only. For example, I can't bear the expression Sqrt because it can be expressed as Sqrt)] + Sqrt)] I But it seems there is no easy ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 1 hour ago

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Increase streamline counts in ListStreamPlot

I have a list with and the list size is 3240 x 4. I am using the below code to plot the vectors, a = Import; x = a]; y = a]; u = a]; v = a]; data = MapThread; ListStreamPlot The result is as follow, I want more ....

Easton Easton: 2 hours ago

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Problem with Get'ting files with << as opposed to Get

When trying to import some files into my Mathematica notebook, I wanted to use ToString to specify the file path. Consider the following MWE, where we export some expression to the directory of the notebook, and immediately import it back: In:= Export]<>"output.txt", 2020]; import1 = Import]<>"output.txt"] Out= "2020" This works ....

Micah Micah: 4 hours ago

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Update an application on the click of a Button

I am finishing my first program in Wolfram Mathematica 10 and if I have almost completed is essentially thanks to this valuable forum soon where I will try to help too. Basically, now I have this problem: to make work a routine I used Button]. Unfortunately, in this program you ....

Eli Eli: 5 hours ago

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Finding all Spanish words with given vowel patterns

I'm trying to implement a function using DictionaryLookup that does the following: Uses a Spanish dictionary Lists and counts of all words where the 5 vowels appear in any order Lists and counts of all words where the 5 vowels appear in a specific order Lists and counts of all ....

Ezekiel Ezekiel: 6 hours ago

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Find list position and mapping list

Sorry, my English is not very good. I have two lists: tt = {197, 173, 23, 151, 69, 90, 12, 192, 158, 32, 6, 147, 99, 199, 131, 10, 59, 144, 141, 24, 178, 58, 106, 25, 155, 153} ii = {{46, 154}, {93, 158}, {125, 214}, {160, 112}, {184, ....

Micah Micah: 7 hours ago

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In version 9 PlotLegends, how can I remove the strange edges that appear around LegendMarkers?

I'm running Mathematica version 9. I am using ListPlot to plot two sets of data. For each data set, I am using different PlotMarkers: for the first data set, I use red disks, while for the second data set, I use red rectangles. To do this, I define Graphics objects ....

Victoria Victoria: 7 hours ago

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Normal distribution plot construction

How would I go about creating a normal distribution graph with standard deviation given by P = -x*Log2 - (1-x)*Log2 and mean 6? I want to manipulate the variable x. The chart should be from 0 to 6 + 3 * standard deviations. Also, how would I calculate the percentage ....

Henry Henry: 7 hours ago

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How to place Plot Information within a Text box on top of a Bar Chart?

How could I place a text box on the top of a bar chart where the top line would have a larger font size than the second line? My Data: totals4={{1093, "AUSTRALIA"}, {235, "BELGIUM"}, {474, "BERMUDA"}, {187, "BRAZIL"}, {103, "BAHAMAS"}}; This code will plot the PlotLabel-> as a long string. ....

Jacob Jacob: 7 hours ago

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Find all permutations with reversals / cyclic permutations removed

I have a list of all non-cyclic permutations of n labels. How can I get rid of all elements which are redundant in the sense that they are the inverse of another one. For instance if n=4, the elements {1,2,3,4} and {1,4,3,2} are related by reversal and right rotation by ....

Naomi Naomi: 8 hours ago