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How does Plot choose the points in a figure?

Taking a simple example, f:=x^2 + 1 pic1 = Plot, {x, 0, 5}, PlotStyle -> Red] pts=Cases :> data1, Infinity] pic2 = Reap, {x, 0, 5}, EvaluationMonitor :> Sow];] The result of pts is {{{1.02041*10^-7, 1.}, {0.00153359, 1.}, {0.00306708, 1.00001}, {0.00460056, 1.00002}, {0.00613405, 1.00004}, {0.00766754, 1.00006}, {0.00920103, 1.00008}, {0.0107345, 1.00012}, ....

Elena Elena: 13 hours ago

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Question about InputAutoReplacements

I have a question about InputAutoReplacements. SetOptions", "〛"}] } ] It works, but always adds in spacing automatically. How can I get it fixed? Thanks! Xiang Li ....

Luke Luke: 13 hours ago

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NIntegrate results different when using 0 or 0.0

i was trying to compute a convolution numerically, but got unexpected results. In the end i was able to reduce it to the code below. As you can see, the results are different, depending on whether i write (0-x)^2, x^2 or (0.0-x)^2 (x is a real value). i have Mathematica ....

Jeremiah Jeremiah: 13 hours ago

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How to analytically solve this equation with trigonometric function

The equation containing trigonometric function is: R == Sqrt)^2 + j1^2 + (k1-Cos)^2]*Sqrt)^2 + j2^2 + (k2-Cos)^2]*c/Sqrt)^2 + j1^2 + (k1-Cos)^2]+Sqrt)^2 + j2^2 + (k2-Cos)^2]+c)*(-Sqrt)^2 + j1^2 + (k1-Cos)^2]+Sqrt)^2 + j2^2 + (k2-Cos)^2]+c)*(Sqrt)^2 + j1^2 + (k1-Cos)^2]-Sqrt)^2 + j2^2 + (k2-Cos)^2]+c)*(Sqrt)^2 + j1^2 + (k1-Cos)^2]+Sqrt)^2 + j2^2 + (k2-Cos)^2]-c)] The ....

Abigail Abigail: 14 hours ago

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How correctly align text as graphics

When I try this: Framed@Graphics]}] I get a centered text with a large empty space around. How can I align the text e.g. to left or how can I make the frame as large as the text is? ....

Leah Leah: 16 hours ago

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How to get the series coefficient of a function defined by a differential equation

I need a Taylor series approximation for $x(t)$, which is defined by the following differential equation. $\frac{dx}{dt}=-k_1 x+(1-x)k_2 e^{-k_3 t}$, $x(0)=0$ { D, t] == -k1 x + (1 - x) k2 Exp , x == 0 } How do I get the coefficients $x^{''}(0)$, $x^{'''}(0)$ from Mathematica? ....

Zoe Zoe: 17 hours ago

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A triple sum related question

I'm trying to compute the triple sum Sum but Mathematica doesn't return any value. What else can I do here? Thanks! ....

Ellie Ellie: 17 hours ago

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Estimating Stock Beta Using the Kalman Filter

This is a basic question about using the KalmanFilter function. Lets say I have the following: I want to use the KalmanFilter function (or other related Kalman Filter functions in Mathematica) to estimate the time-varying beta(t) in the linear model: AAPL (t) = beta (t) * SP500 (t) + e ....

Nova Nova: 18 hours ago

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How to find the second derivative of this function according to the limit definition?

I want to find the second derivative of function $f(x)=-(x-1)^{2}+(x-1)^{3} \sin \left(\frac{1}{(x-1)^{2}}\right)$ at x = 1 according to the definition of limit: f := -(x - 1)^2 + (x - 1)^3 Sin Limit - f)/h - (f - f)/h)/k /. x -> 1, {h -> 0, k -> 0}] Limit ....

Alice Alice: 19 hours ago

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How to eliminate the backward play in Export of Manipulate?

I find that the Export of Manipuate contains backforward play, see a simplified example: Export, {x, 0, 10}], {φ, 0, 2 π}]] You can see the problem in the SWF file. (I'm sorry that the exported SWF file cannot be uploaded here) Actually, I have two questions here, Is there ....

Miles Miles: 19 hours ago