Can 'network' and 'graph' be used interchangably?

Jade: 2 days ago

This question is with regards to terminology. I am writing a journal paper that describes the software I develop at my workplace call Navigator ( The software is used for visualization of networks/graphs. At work, we commonly interchange the use of the words 'networks' and 'graphs' to refer to the same concept. But for writing the journal paper, I would like to know if they can be safely interchanged, or if they refer to slightly different concepts?

The software is used for modeling arbitrary entities as nodes and arbitrary connections between them as edges between the nodes. The graphs are not directed. No flow is implied, but some idea of flow can be added by attaching numerical/textual attributes to the edges.

Jaxon: 2 days ago

If someone says "graph" without further specification I consider it to mean an unweighted undirected graph without loops or multiple edges. I consider "network" to be a more general term. Especially if the audience of the article is more on the applied side, I would go with network.

But really in your situation I would poke through some other NAViGaTOR papers, particularly Igor Jurisica's, and see what he uses. I bet it will be "network" almost all the time.